We help you to better work together

The companies’ performance is too often view regarding their resources: technological and financial, in particular.

Individual human resources are also taken into account like an element of the success: recruiting necessary competences, optimizing the balance between the “human capital” and the economic constraints, too often in a short term approach. But most of the time, it is according to an mecanicist approach: the parts are in place, and their assembly must produce, “automatically”, or in any case, thanks to the resources of “management” or, more still, of “leadership”.

However, many companies run into the complexity of human dynamics. The “leaders” are not in question: matrix organizations, non-hierarchical and transverse management, projects’ dynamics, family-owned businesses, “cultural” heritages, M&A,… So many contexts which testify of the complexity of the management of talents, energies, and emotions too.

In all these situations, and a lot of others, our contribution is to help the leaders and their teams to “better work together”, by taking into account all that is rational, and also what it is less.

Facilitation, positive energy, theoretical and operational approaches unceasingly brought up to the edge, an experience of projects and teams in very diverse sectors, here are some of the ingredients of the Kaqi receipt, always at your service.

Our services

Change management

70% of transformation projects fails ?

Mostly, this failure is not due to technological or financial issues. It is often because human factors were neglected.
We help you to design, implement and management dynamics made of mobilization, collaboration and productivity.

Coaching (teams and leaders)

What is the added value of a consultant when you’re in charge of the management and leadership of a team ? Because, sometimes, it’s “complicated”… Matrix organizations, legacies of the past, stakes lowly shared… We bring you and your team external, honest and kind insights, and a decisive operational support, just for the time to (re)establish a perennial dynamic

Communities’ dynamics

When the projects involve territories and communities, the usual concertation measures rarely lead to positives dynamics. Yet your project is righteous, and it desserves to be shared with a lot of stakeholders, who will enrich it.

We help you in mobilizing your partners, so that, very quickly, your keenness becomes shared by the most.


We support you as operational consultants, not as on-shelves trainers.

But we enjoy to share our principles for action, and our best practices : in the course of the projects we support or, also, for the pleasure of opening you new perspectives.

Our added value in 3 short videos

Energizing and productive workshops

Operational coaching

Resolving conflicts

Six principles for action

We base our approach of transformations and mobilization projects on human dynamics.

It is a systemic approach, which takes into account the diverse parameters of your project and your team : organizational factors, personal motives, inter-individual and inter-organisational interactions, companies’ policies, technical, financial or legal constraints…

For each situation, we imagine and design a bespoke approach, fully adapted to your stakes, your personality, your context and your means.

Nevertheless, we rely, in every of our interventions, on some principles for action. They express our beliefs and expertise. Here are six of them.




Kairos : seizing opportunities

Qi : mobilizing energies