Training and good practices’ sharing


Why ?

Kaqi is not a « training company ». Because we believe more in the demand marketing (we can help you) than in “offer marketing” (you need us).
This is why each of our “training” activities (sessions of professional developpement, conferences, ad hoc interventions…) is :

  • bespoke, for you and with you;
  • based on principles and methods for training into action, in order to facilitate the appropriation;
  • with methods empowering sharing, cohesive and collective dynamics;
  • as an added-value contribution, immediately useful, as soon as you come back to your company.

How ?

If we plan together a training action and/or a sharing of good practices, it is because you consider that conceptualization and practical application are partners in success. As it is as important to know how to formalize, for better sharing, as to look for the buy-in and the implementation, more than only “understanding”. Ie to practice in order to acquire the methods and, even, the principles for action!

Together, we’ll make your objectives and your needs clearer. And then, while picking in our skills and toolbox, we’ll design and implement, together, an active training dynamics.


Why and how to create a training on “digital transformation”?
The subject so much is shared and discussed that the question is real … Everyone has its opinion on the topic, and everyone can improvise him/herself as “specialist”. Then, which added value for your investment of time and money ?

Our contribution is that of the action, of the implementation : to go from reflection to  action, from a theoretical approach to the results and benefits into your professional life of these technological, but also human transformations tools and principles. We provide you some openings on these new concepts and practices: emergence, sharing, co-construction… or how do individual mixes itself with collective: between selfies and crowdsourcing, smartphones and participative financing, thanks to new technological and relational competences… And especially, to apply these reflections into the practices !

Dynamiser un comité exécutif, faciliter les synergies entre directions fonctionnelles et opérationnelles, créer et animer des lieux de convergence et d’action partagée entre acteurs publics et privés, vous aider à concevoir et faire vivre des dynamiques humaines sur la base des seules bonnes volontés : voilà quelques exemples de nos compétences opérationnelles, au service de vos projets.

Alors, pour démultiplier et pérenniser notre action commune, nous aimons à partager notre expérience, nos analyses, nos compétences acquises au fil des ans, grâce à l’interaction permanente entre nos investissements de recherche et développement et nos interventions opérationnelles.

The world is changing continuously. Then, is it wise and efficient to rely on perceptions and practices adapted to a past world? To reassure oneself or by lack of anything better?
Regarding “leadership” (as for other instances), we don’t deny nor disparage the past, but we help you in (re-)formalizing and adopting modern concepts and practices agreed by your team, for the profit of your common project.

Manager or leader, participative or post-heroic leadership, transverse management or shared leadership? There is no single truth about these issues, but approaches and words we share with you and which we help you to explore, challenge, and adopt. And in any case, together, and not by chance.

To illustrate our glance on the new forms of leadership: “The collaboratif engineer, leader of tomorrow” (in French only) (link towards the Les Echos article)