Principles for action

Our transformations’ mobilization projects’ approach mobilization is centered on human dynamics.

It’s a systemic approach, which takes into account the multiple parameters of your project, of your team: organisational factors, personal motives, interindividual and inter-organisational interactions, company policies, technical, financial or legal constraints…

For every situation, we design and build with you a bespoke approach, adapted to your challenges, your personality, your context and your means.

Nevertheless, we find, in all the projects we support, some principles for actions which testify of our convictions and expertises. Here are some of these principes :


The situations you meet are by nature complexes: sometimes technologically, often regarding the laws and regulations, and always humanly.

Regarding this complexity, it is ineffective and vain to seek for a “total control”of the situation.
In order to make you more able to lead your teams and your company through these uncertainties, we help you to adopt agile principles for action, adaptive operations, and to support the emergence of mobilizing and effective solutions.


The dynamics we design for your projects don’t rely on hierarchical power – which is, in our mind, at the same time ineffective and demobilizing. As it makes flee the talents and discourages the initiative. Moreover, in matrix organizations and inter-organisational structures of co-operation, the main issue is not to know “who is the boss”, but rather agree on the purpose and means of “better working together”. And therefore to create and manage collaborative dynamics.

In order to benefit from all the skills and to optimize the use of the available resources, we help you to implement a mobilizing, effective and perennial sharing of every contribution.


The companies’life is full with emergencies, requests, projects… and often in a context of rarefaction of skills and available resources.
Then, if your project doesn’t go on as you wish, it is often because it disappears among other “emergencies”.

In order to support productive dynamics and the buy-in of your goals with the commitment of your team, we help you to design and manage a project which has a rhythm. And might they be designated as « matches », « episodes », « sprints », or « attractors », depending on your context and on your company’s culture, they are every time appointments which mobilize, in a perennial way, your teams and your partners.


The best way of succeeding with a project of transformation and/or mobilization is to increase the buy-in of the goals and the shared achievements.
This is why we help you to mobilize your allies, and therefore to lead to a common success.
These principles also support our consulting services. Our practices are light by nature, because the project you lead, or the dynamics you manage, are not those of the consultants. They are yours!

We share our expertise, facilitate the complex situations and conflicts, we accelerate your projects and bring you an operational support when it’s necessary. And we like to build with you an entrusting relationship for long-term closeness. But we will not replace you!
This is why we privilege the collaborative dynamics which, with the buy-in by your teams, guarantee their lasting quality.


Changing his/her practices, his/her operational ways, transforming his/her organizations, his/her working methods… Between the intent and the implementation, there is often a pit.
We do not believe in imposed dynamics, and we firmly reject the conjuring « tricks » which are neither moral, nor effective.

We facilitate your transformations by supporting you and your teams.
While guaranteeing the rhythm of the achievements, we recognize the sensitive character of all these “transitions”, and we deal with them accordingly, by designing the dynamics as true « transitional spaces », with times for cohesion, breathing and reflection, and of course commitment.


With you and for you, we mobilize individual and collective energies.
The companie’s and projects’ dynamics are naturally collective. This is why we design your dynamic with mobilization “attractors”, which gather and federate. And we help you to manage collective and collaborative sessions, which encourages the participants and reinforces synergies.

But we also believe that these collective dynamics are built on and with the individual energies and contributions. This is why our interventions are as much based on skills for inter-individual mobilization, to make happen that, within your collective, everyone finds its place and brings its contributions.