Kairos : seizing opportunities

Qi : mobilizing energies

The Kaqi brand was born out of the meeting of two ideas which describe our contributions, practices and expertise:

Kairos: “seizing opportunities”

In Greek Western mythology, Kairos is the god of the opportune moment, when Chronos is the one of the time which passes. It is represented by a man equipped with a thick tuft of hair, which can be seized, catched.

In any project of transformation, or mobilization, the time factor is important. There exist “windows of opportunities”, “favourable conjunctions”, which has to be detected and used in order to increase your benefit. Opening your project on its environment, helping you to maintain the rhythm of your project and reactivity are part of our added values.

Qi: “mobilizing energies”

In the Eastern universe, the “QI” designates the internal energy.
In Chinese traditional medicine, the interventions of acupuncture and fingerpuncture, (like Western osteopathy), aim to balance and, if necessary, to restore the flows of internal energy.

In Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese martial arts, mobilizing the “QI” is crucial for balancing and expressing power.

Our interventions aim as well at establishing a diagnosis of the dysfunctions and/or weaknesses of your team, your organization, of your project, as to restore and increase its harmonious, effective and powerful operations, by adopting a comprehensive and systemic approach.