Our clients


Are we general-purpose consultants? No, because who too much embraces badly masters…
If your project encounters technological or legal difficulties, for example, we will not be able to provide you an adequate technical expertise.
On the other hand, as your success relies on the commitment of the men and the women of your team, or involved by your project, we can help you.
This is why, rather than general-purpose, we prefer to be defined as “cross-country and all-weather consultants”.
And even if we know quite well some sectors and companies, due to our seniority and the multiplicity of our mission,– and this can facilitate the introduction -, we always avoid projecting presupposed, preconceived ideas.
As every situation is particular, because of its participants, its stakeholders and their interactions, its context, at a given time.

Since its creation in 2008, Kaqi supported projects in large and medium businesses, especially in energy, manufacturing, services and transportation. Also some public organizations and NGOs, and even executive educational organisations.