Some insights on digital transformation

Despite of its commercial interest – because no company can be unaware of these opportunities today -, Kaqi doesn’t provide you a fifth offer entitled “digital transformation”.

Why ?

If the tools which induce the digital transformation are unquestionably new and innovating – in any case for most interesting of them -, the human and organisational transformations which accompany their commissioning are not original – even if each transformation is single and particular.

Our four main offers are adapted, by nature, to the transformations related to the digital tools, whether they result from these, they justify, or go along with.
But, whereas digital transformation projects mainly focus on the technological aspects, to which men will have to yield to (in theory…), we focus on the human aspects.
This is why, to the digital transformation 2.0 which is mostly related to the tools, we prefer “Transformation 3.0”, which put the human issues at the heart of success.

People first

Regarding digital transformation, “the best is inside”: customer oriented organizations, collaborative practices, horizontal organizations, new management of skills… so many topics which feed the transformation projects of the companies.

For more insights: “Digital changes: the best is inside” (in French)
(link on the Les Echos article)


Who has to be in charge of the company’s digital transformation ? The chairman, the IT director, a “CDO” (Chief DIGITAL Officer)? This last seems to have the dimension… But is it a perennial role, or a provisional function, intended to disappear when the “transformation” will be completed?

Here again, power and influence struggles related to this role, or this function, are destroying value, destabilizing the organizations, demotivating the teams.

For an insight about this challenge: “Digital transformation: between phantasms and changes of paradigms” (in French) (link on the Les Echos article).

Communities’ dynamics

Digital tools and the associated practices transform also our approach of our territories: geolocation, increased reality, desintermediation… So many transformations which change our way of living, working, consuming, to moving.

These tools and practices are naturally part of the changes and opportunities which we seize to structure and manage the local dynamics we support.

As an example, some insights on transportation issues with “UberPop”: “UberPop: a good idea at the bad place?” (in French) (link on the Les Echos article)

Training and good practices’ sharing

E-learning, collaborative platforms, Moocs… What is the future of professional trainings at the digital age, and about the digital ?

We believe that the essence of the digital transformation is a recall – and/or an acceleration – of some fundamentals: customers’ orientation, shared leadership, stakeholders’ mobilization, agile operations, practices of auto-organization and serendipity (or “emergence”), relationships’ skills, organisation of work and allocation of time…

The digital transformation is thus an opportunity for trainings, new dynamics, and knowledge sharing. And we use ourselves this “mobilization attractor” to arouse the interest of your teams, and their appropriation of these “human technologies”.